Deepak Chopra: As you listen to Ray it becomes obvious that this force of technology, the evolution of technology, is unstoppable. So if you don’t like it then natural selection will beat you out because this force is an evolutionary force. So I see in the next few years, not even thirty years, but next few years nanobots cleaning your arteries, repairing damaged genes, squirting dopamine into your brain because you’re depressed, or making you fall in love with a little oxytocin. I see desktop computers printing out steaks without killing an animal, just through stem cell information. I see all of that, but I also worry a little bit. You realize we reached the facts age, we reached the age of knowledge, but we have not reached the age of wisdom yet. And if we do not take survival of the fittest to the next stage, which is survival of the wisest, we risk some very diabolical users of this technology.
much as, either most of all, most noteworthy, especially relevant

Transcendent Man LIVE: A Conversation About the Future. Live with Ray Kurzweil.

NCM Fathom, Ptolemaic Productions and Therapy Studios Present One-Night Event on August 3 in Nearly 500 Select Theaters. Broadcasted LIVE from the Lincoln Center in NYC. This first-of-its-kind event will be a powerful discussion about the possibility of immortality. Also event becoming reality by 2045 in addition to other implications of accelerating technologies. The evening will begin with a brief presentation by inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil, followed by a provocative panel discussion, which will incorporate clips from the critically acclaimed documentary TRANSCENDENT MAN. Panelists include Kurzweil; Barry Ptolemy, filmmaker; Deepak Chopra (Live via Teleportec); Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.; Michio Kaku, physicist; Tan Le, technology entrepreneur; and Dean Kamen, inventor. With pre-recorded remarks from former Vice President Al Gore, Quincy Jones, Bill Maher, Elon Musk and others.As a result