CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, filmed for the panel discussion event about the singularity movie, Transcendent Man Live.  This event was the follow up to the singularity movie about Ray Kurzweil and his book The Singularity is Near, Transcendent Man.  Throughout the program, clips from the singularity movie are played, and are followed by a discussion amongst the panelists. To learn more about Elon Musk, follow the Elon Musk twitter.
CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk: Hi, I’m Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and chief rocker designer. What we do here is we build rockets and spacecraft. Long term we hope to be the company that really helps make life multi-planetary by transporting people and cargo to Mars. Making life multi-planetary is a really big deal. It’s something that’s so important that it would fit on the evolutionary scale of life itself. If you look at the broadest perspective of the history of life itself and the history of earth you can say, “What are the major events?” I would say single celled life, multi-cellular life, differentiation of plants and animals, life going from oceans to land, mammals, consciousness, and I think on that scale would also fit life becoming multi-planetary. If there’s something that’s vital sufficient to in shape on the size of life itself, then it deserves at least our sources. I assume that’s the greater exciting, inspiring destiny than one where we just stay on this planet till a few extinction event comes alongside. some of the important thing matters which are actually have made a organisation like SpaceX viable are the massive advancements in computing electricity that made it an awful lot less expensive to manipulate the rocket. Also much less expensive to design it in the first place with 3D CAD modeling. Is the 21st century likely to be better than the 20th? I think it probably is, but that’s because the 20th century was such a shitty century in so many ways. There is certainly a democratization of technology and the computing power available to any individual is so great at such a low cost. You know the Internet has made information ubiquitous, in fact, I think the Internet has played an important role in making humanity much more of a superorganism than it was in the past. It’s really kind of like humanity acquiring a nervous system You know, it’s like before the Internet we used to be kind of like individual cells communicating via osmosis, like a primitive, multicellular creature.  So the ability for humanity to work collectively is much, much greater than it was in the past.

Transcendent Man LIVE: A Conversation About the Future. Live with Ray Kurzweil.

NCM Fathom, Ptolemaic Productions and Therapy Studios Present One-Night Event on August 3 in Nearly 500 Select Theaters. Broadcasted LIVE from the Lincoln Center in NYC. This first-of-its-kind event will be a powerful discussion about the possibility of immortality. It alsobecoming reality by 2045 as well as other implications of accelerating technologies. The evening will begin with a brief presentation by inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil, followed by a provocative panel discussion, which will incorporate clips from the critically acclaimed documentary TRANSCENDENT MAN. Panelists include Kurzweil; Barry Ptolemy, filmmaker; Deepak Chopra (Live via Teleportec); Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.; Michio Kaku, physicist; Tan Le, technology entrepreneur; and Dean Kamen, inventor. With pre-recorded remarks from former Vice President Al Gore, Quincy Jones, Bill Maher, Elon Musk and others.  
singularity movie live panel

panelists discussing singularity movie, Transcendent Man.