Virtual Reality might be suffering right now in the gaming industry. It suffers due to a lack of new games and the growing requirements for high quality VR. But other industries are now seeing possible benefits from the Virtual Reality market.

Virtual Reality into Wal-MartSTRIVR Virtual Reality into Wal-Mart

Recently STRIVR, a VR company focusing on training, announced they partnered with Wal-Mart to use virtual reality for employee education and training.STRIVR placed VR hardware and software into 200 Wal-Mart Academy  which helps to host new hires, promoted personnel, or continuing education employees for 2-week courses during the year. Wal-Mart Academies will educate and train over 140,000 employees per year starting in late 2017. STRIVR CEO Derek Belch, says “Yes, the ‘VR hype cycle’ is over. Because it’s not hype anymore. It’s actually happening now, and it’s only going to continue to grow.”