10. Decentralized Home Solar Power Is Lighting Up Sub-Saharan Africa via SingularityHub

The world is heading to a better future, in part thanks to technology. Enter solar power. Specifically, decentralized pay-as-you-go home solar power in sub-Saharan Africa, making living without electricity a thing of the past.

 9. Dubai Jump Starts Autonomous Taxi Service With 50 Tesla Vehicles via Futurism

Tesla has made the first delivery of 50 out of 200 vehicles to Dubai. The goal is for the cars to evolve into a fully autonomous taxi service.

8. The Red Cross Officially Launched the First Drone Program for Disasters via Futurism

Over the last couple of weeks, the city of Houston was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. Now, the American Red Cross is preparing to deploy a drone to survey the damage.

7. Apple, Samsung Join FDA Pilot to Speed Up Health Service Approval via ZD Net

Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and a handful of other companies are joining a new pilot program to speed up the approval of healthcare-related apps and services.

6.Facebook Unveils Blood Donation Features in India, Hopes to Connect Donors With Recipients via Gadgets

Facebook on Wednesday announced a new initiative to increase blood donations in India, by connecting donors with those in need.

5. The Neuroscientist Who Wants To Upload Humanity To A Computer via PopSci

Randal Koene is recruiting top neuroscientists to help him make humans live forever.

4.There’s a $100 Million Plan to Make a Synthetic Spinal Cord to End Paralysis via Futurism

Hugh Herr and his colleagues at MIT’s Center for Extreme Bionics want to change what it means to be disabled.

3. 23andMe is Raising $200 Million to Make Drugs From Your DNA via Futurism

23andMe has amassed an enormous repository of genetic data, sourced from over one million people. Now, it looks set to use that resource to develop new drugs.

2. Elon Musk Unveils Ambitious Plan To Build A City On Mars via Huffington Post

Musk, the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, has unveiled his ambitious plans to build both a lunar base and a city on Mars. And he plans to start in just five years.

1.Illinois Is Experimenting with Blockchains to Replace Physical Birth Certificates via Futurism

Illinois will soon test a blockchain-like ledger that hopes to give people better control and access to their birth certificate and other identifying documents.  While a ledger would be more secure, it could also lead to more permanent mistakes.